From the Heart of Taiga

We are introducing 100% sustainably harvested wild Siberian power herbs. Unlike conventionally grown products coming from commercial farming, all our ingredients are foraged and processed by the Altai local families who are thriving on natural foods and herbal remedies. The recipes for the medicinal blends and the wisdom for the herbs' application had been long passed there through the generations. Over the centuries, Altaians have developed a unique ecological culture, that includes an entire spectrum of moral values and unusual philosophical views of the world. In Altai, every valley, every mountain peak, every spring holds its own spirits. And each living being whether it is a plant, an animal, or a human is of divine descent and serves a divine purpose.

Why choose us:

Direct Trade

We are purchasing directly from the families that hand-produce all our goods.


We embrace and promote environmentally and socially aware business practices.

Ethical Sourcing

All our ingredients are ethically foraged from the wilderness in a responsible and sustainable way.

100% Natural

We do not use artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives, propylene glycol or GMOs.

Our Mission

Aroma ChaiTea is a socially and environmentally responsible business that's committed to infusing centuries old herbalist wisdom into our customers' everyday life.