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Treat yourself to a fragrant and delicious therapeutic jam made from green young pine cones!  Pine Cone Jam is a treat with benefits. Unlike your regular jams, it's not meant to be consumed in large quantities....

Treat yourself to a fragrant and delicious therapeutic jam made from green young pine cones!  
Pine Cone Jam is a treat with benefits. Unlike your regular jams, it's not meant to be consumed in large quantities. Think of it as a tasty medicine (yes, not all remedies should be bitter). Believe it or not, but just one teaspoon a day can make a huge difference.

Our Pine Cone Syrup is sweet yet piney, it has a rich, woodsy honeyed flavor. 🌲 And, YES, you CAN eat the cones 😉THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS
* You should EAT THE CONE to get medicinal benefits. Recommended 1-3 cones for preventive care and 3-5 cones as acold or flu treatment.
🌲 The pine cone syrup is anti-viral, anti-microbial;
🌲 The phytoncides (the oils in the pine cones), have anti-inflammatory properties and make the body more resistant to infections and colds.
🌲 Young pine cones are known for their ability to alleviate gastritis and ulcer pains.
🌲 Pine cones are abundant in antioxidants. Tannins that are found in the pine cones help the liver converting toxins into waste products and cleanse the blood.

Traditionally consumed as a medicinal spoonful stirred into hot tea, the pine cone preserve has a distinct tartly sweet and lightly resinous forest flavor. Besides its therapeutic and anti-viral properties, the pine cone syrup is a great condiment!

✨ Take a teaspoonful a day to boost your immunity or to quickly treat bronchitis, cough, cold, and respiratory diseases.
✨ Drizzle it over a crunchy toast, pancakes, or ice cream;
✨ Use the syrup as you would balsamic vinegar (aged and of good quality), or try it as a replacement for dark honey (think chestnut honey);
✨ How about that epic cheese platter? Pine Cone Jam pairs really well with Parmesan, Goat Cheese, Brie, and Ricotta.
✨ Our pine cone syrup perfectly complements gin in a classic martini. To make pine syrup infused gin or vodka, mix 1/4 parts of syrup with cones with 2 parts of the liquor. Leave for a day, shaking now and then, until the syrup has dissolved. Strain and bottle.

It's hard to imagine that these little cones become soft and chewable after we cooked them, but they do. So, yeah, there are solid pine cones in the finished syrupy concoction, but they’re easy to chew.

✅ Naturally rich in minerals and vitamins.
✅ 100% natural; no added flavors or colors.
✅ Does NOT contain high fructose corn syrup; non-GMO
✅ Our Altai family sustainably wildcrafted the cones in the Taiga and handmade the jam in the ecovillage.

🌲 Young Pine Cones, Cane Sugar, Water.

Our Pine Cone Jam travels the half globe from our Altai family to us here in New Jersey. The BPA free, food-grade, recyclable packaging secures the product from damage. In addition, next, we ship it out to you. It would be unfortunate if you were looking forward to receiving a tasty treat and instead got a box of sticky shattered glass. Finally, the weight matters, and we hate to overcharge you for shipping.

💚 As always, if you are taking any type of prescription medication, please consult your doctor regarding possible interactions and never stop taking medications without your doctor’s approval.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Click HERE to learn more about Pine Cone Syrup's health benefits.

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