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💚 Let’s fill our gifting with intention again! Next time you’re buying a gift for yourself or a loved one, take a moment to set an intention and reconnect to what’s at the heart of...
💚 Let’s fill our gifting with intention again!
Next time you’re buying a gift for yourself or a loved one, take a moment to set an intention and reconnect to what’s at the heart of gift-giving: generosity, thoughtfulness, and love.

✔️ Our proprietary herbal infusion STRESS AID (Full-size bag | 2oz. (55 gr.) about 50 servings)
Each herb is carefully hand-selected with your holistic health in mind and synergistically blended for maximum effectiveness in stress and anxiety reduction and pleasant taste.
✔️ St. John's Wort Extract 2:1 Alcohol-FREE | 1 fl. oz. (30 ml.)
St. John's Wort has been used in folk medicine for centuries and is currently one of the top-selling herbal mood boosters in the United States. Its ability to upregulate (increase) serotonin helps people calm minds, elevate mood, and improve overall mental and emotional well-being.
✔️ CALM intention candle with flowers and crystals (2 oz. candle in a 3.5-inch glass dish).
This soy wax candle has a mix of dried flowers and moon-charged healing crystals. Each candle is lightly scented with a mix of essential oils to assist in meditation. Once you are finished burning the candle, keep the crystals.
✔️ Stainless Steel Single Brew Tea Infuser (as you see on the photo): made of food-grade material, it won’t rust, dent, warp crack, or taint the tea.

🎁 Our 'Happy & Calm' intention box is a perfect tool that will help you or your loved one to reflect in a nourishing for the soul and body way.
☛ Light a candle, meditate, and journal in quiet solitude, contemplate over tea in the early morning light, set intentions, and manifest.
☛ The box's content is enough to serve as a starter kit to make a ritual out of it.

♻️ In our ongoing effort for sustainability, we mindfully package all orders and encourage you to reuse, repurpose, or recycle the packaging.

BUPLEURUM AUREUM helps to fight fatigue, headache, and ringing in the ears.
CHAMOMILE a traditional medicinal herb used to calm anxiety and settle stomachs.
CURRANT LEAF lowering the impact of stress by stimulating activity in the sympathetic nervous system.
☛ HAWTHORN is used to reduce anxiety and as a light sedative.
☛ HORSETAIL assists in the production of collagen, an important element in preventing signs of stress such as aging skin.
 LUNGWORT eases reaction to stress and tension, relaxes nervous excitement, and supports restful sleep.
☛ PINE BUDS are rich in vitamin C (5 times the concentration found in lemons) and help to relieve fatigue.
☛ ST. JOHN'S WORT helps with "the blues" and symptoms that sometimes go along with stress.
☛ THYME helps in relieving stress and improving mood.
WILLOWHERB relaxing and calming, with effects reminiscent of green tea, but it is caffeine-free.

Well, there is nothing proprietary about making liquid herbal extracts. Then why buy from us?
NO confusing, misleading proprietary blends! We only use simple ingredients. The formulation and the process recipe we use had been in our family for years.
Our St. John's Wort is responsibly wildcrafted in a pristine Taiga in Altai. Hence, we CAN guarantee it's of the highest quality because WE harvested it.
Every batch is made with your holistic health in mind. We handmake our extracts in small batches, so we promise that you will be receiving the freshest lot every time you order.
We don't cut corners. We use only the 100% Natural Pure USP Food Grade, Kosher, Halal, and Pharmaceutical Certified vegetable glycerin.

🎁 Our 'Happy and Calm' care package is an excellent way to send your beloved your best wishes and hopes for good health and prosperity!
It would make a magnificent and sustainable: Gift for Mom, Gift for Him, Get Well Soon Gift, Thinking of you Gift, Gift for Friend, Gift for Tea Lover, and more.