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Linden Tea: What is it Good for?

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Whether you are looking for a sweet fix, soothing and calming tea, or potent folk remedy treat yourself for a fragrant cuppa of LINDEN TEA!

About Linden Tea

Linden, any of several trees of the genus Tilia native to the Northern Hemisphere. There are approximately 30 spices of linden. Along with its pleasant taste, Linden Blossom tea provides a ton of health benefits:

GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: If you are suffering from anxiety or insomnia, a cup of soothing linden tea before bed will combat anxiety and promote a gentle feeling of relaxation that can help you get better rest.

COLD & FLU AID: Hot linden tea stimulates sweating which helps to reduce fever. Linden also contains mucilage, a sticky substance that can help soothe irritated from the cough throat. Finally, linden tea is naturally packed with vitamins and antioxidants that help boost the weakened by cold or flu immune system.

BETTER DIGESTION: If you’re suffering from an upset stomach, bloating, constipation, or cramping, sip on a cup of linden tea and settle your stomach in no time. 

Aroma ChaiTea. Linden Tea Benefits.

The Slavs associate linden with Lada, the supreme Slavic goddess of spring, love, and beauty (as Freya, Isis, or Aphrodite in other mythologies). If you haven't finished your linden tea, don't dump it! Freeze the infusion and rub your face and décolleté area with an ice cube. It will make your skin feel smoother and will help you rid of small wrinkles.

How Does Linden Tea Taste

Linden tea is naturally sweet with the honey notes and has a delightfully subtle floral taste. When brewed, the linden blossom releases aromatic volatile oil that guarantees you a perfect cuppa of fine soothing herbal tea. Enjoy hot or cold.

Linden pairs great with green and black teas. Add just a pinch of our linden into your favorite green or black tea to enhance it with the tender fragrance and sweetness of linden.


✅ Caffeine-free and naturally rich in minerals and vitamins.
✅ Non-addictive. Does not stain teeth.
✅ 100% natural; NO added flavors or colors; no preservatives; non-GMO.
✅ Sustainably wildcrafted by our Altai family.
✅ About 50 servings per bag.

Tea Recipes with Linden

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Linden Tea health Benefits

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