Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favor compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life. -- T. A. Edison

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Sagan Dalya: Shamanic Tea that Prolongs Life

Sagan Dalya: Shamanic Tea that Prolongs Life

The culture of the application of Sagan Dalya is calculated by thousands of years. Traditionally, it is consumed in the form of tea. The botanical name for Sagan Dalya or Sagan Daila is Adams' rhododendron (rus.: Саган Дайля; lat.: Rhododēndron adāmsii) is a low evergreen shrub with a small (1-2 cm in length), smooth, thick-skinned, leaves and tiny pale pink or white flowers assembled in brushes. It grows in the mountains under the forest's canopy, on stony slopes, in high-mountainous and lichen tundra, and on rocks near the sea. It easily survives cold winters and a harsh mountain climate.

Since ancient times, shamans and healers of the Far East, Mongolia, and Tibet have used this plant in which the "mountain spirit" lives, as a tonic and remedy for colds, diseases of the stomach and kidneys, cardiac edema, and nervous disorders. Its Buryat name is "sagaan dali" or "sahana dalya," which means "White Wing." Buryat hunters drink Sagan Dalya tea to replenish energy for the whole day. The Mongols call it "adamsyn steralzh." Mongolian healers use Sagan Dalya to remedy fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. Sagan Dalya is mentioned in an ancient treatise on Tibetan medicine (Tibetans call it "dal-garbo" or "yes-li," which means "Grass, prolonging life"). The Yakuts know Sagan Dalya as "haskaras" and the Tofalar people as "ak-cascara."


Adams' rhododendron


The healing and extraordinary traits of Sagan Dalya have been known and used by herbalists for a long time. However, its most famous property is an immediate tonic effect, similar to that of caffeine. Sagan Dalya is a caffeine-free natural stimulant significantly superior to coffee, Ginseng, and Golden root. It is so powerful that recommended dose is 3-5 leaves per 300 ml. (10 oz.) of hot water. Overdose in Sagan Dalya may cause headaches and nausea. A severe overdose can lead to hallucinations (that's probably one of the reasons why shamans value this herb so much). Our fine loose-leaf tea FOCUS is safely infused with the legendary herb Sagan Dalya. Pour yourself a cup of our naturally caffeine-free loose leaf tea FOCUS and reignite the focus and mental clarity you crave. And all that without the jitters of coffee!



Health Benefits of Sagan Dalya

Increases performance and endurance, as well as potency in men;

Suppresses the pathogenic microflora in the gastrointestinal tract;

Boosts mental performance and concentration of attention;

Regulates the heart function, strengthens the vessels;

Normalizes metabolic processes in the body;

Subdues hangover and migraine headaches.

With regular use, Sagan Dayla has a rejuvenating effect and prevents early aging.


Health Benefits of Sagan Dalya


Rhododēndron adāmsii naturally contains tannins; flavonoids; glycosides; gallic acid; ursolic acid; arbutin; essential oils; vitamin C.


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