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Health Benefits of Pine Cone Jam

Health Benefits of Pine Cone Jam

Pine Cone Jam is a treat with benefits. Unlike your regular jams, it's not meant to be consumed in large quantities. Think of it as of a tasty medicine (yes, not all remedies should be bitter). Believe it or not, but just one teaspoon a day can make a huge difference.

Pine Cone Jam Health Benefits

For centuries the pine cone preserves, sometimes called “pine cone honey,” were regularly used in Siberia as a miracle cure.
The pine cone syrup is anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, and a powerful antioxidant. It also boosts the immune system.

Pine Cone Syrup Health Benefits

Pine Cone Jam's health benefits are not limited to the cold relief.
Boosts immune system. The phytoncides (the oils in the pine cones), have anti-inflammatory properties and make the body more resistant to infections and colds.
Aids with stomach issues. Young pine cones are known for their ability to alleviate gastritis and ulcers pains.
Detoxifies. Pine cones are abundant in antioxidants. Tannins what are found in the pine cones help the liver converting toxins into waste products and cleanse the blood.

Aroma ChaiTea Our Pine Cone Jam

Besides its therapeutic properties, the pine cone syrup is a great condiment!
One jar of our Pine Cone Jam lasts longer than you'd expect since you usually would only need a small drizzle.

Uses for Pine Cone Jam

✅ Serve along with a cheese platter (pairs really good with parmesan, goat cheese, brie, and ricotta)
✅ Use the syrup as you would balsamic vinegar (aged and of good quality);
✅ Drizzle it over ice cream;
✅ Try it as a replacement for dark honey (think chestnut honey);
✅ Our pine cone syrup perfectly compliments gin in a classic martini;
✅ Pour over pancakes.




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