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Benefits of Bupleurum Tea

Benefits of Bupleurum Tea

Bupleurum (lat.: Bupleurum aureum) is a perennial ornamental plant with delicate yellow flowers and sickle-shaped leaves and a member of the Apiaceae family. It has been a staple of Traditional Chinese and Japanise Medicine for years. In Chinese tradition, it's believed to assist Qi's (Chi) proper movement throughout the system. An American species (Bupleurum americanum) can be found in Southwestern Montana and North Western Idaho. Other common names: Chinese Thoroughwax, Chai Hu, (rus.:Володушка золотистая).

Bupleurum Herb

Bupleurum carries a wealth of health benefits. Among other ailments, Buplerium effectively remedies fatigue, headache, ringing in the ears, insomnia, depression, liver disorders, and appetite loss. Because Altai is located close to the Chinese border, our family can wild-harvest Bupleurum and synergistically blend it into our proprietary herbal infusion STRESS AID for maximum effectiveness in stress and anxiety reduction and pleasant taste.



Key Bupleurum Health Benefits

☛ Mood-Stabilizing 

When it comes to helping anxiety and depression, it's always worthwhile to look into the possibility of natural solutions. In traditional Oriental medicine, some herbal combinations that include Bupleurum as a major ingredient are known to effectively treat depressive-like disorders. Bupleurum is especially effective in managing the depression occurring during premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause.

☛ General Liver Function and Detox

In traditional medicine, Bupleurum is prized for its ability to detox the liver and improve overall liver health. Bupleurum is included in a Japanese herbal formula (Sho-saiko-to, TJ-9, Xiao-chai-hu-tang) used for treating various chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis.

☛ Adrenal Gland Function

In combination with licorice and ginseng, Bupleurum has been used to aid and stimulate adrenal gland function. It helps the body improve energy levels and hormone function.

Bupleurum (Bupleurum aureum) Health benefits


What is Bupleurum tea good for?

In traditional medicinal uses, Bupleurum is often used in combination with other herbs to treat colds, digestive disorders, chronic liver diseases, and depression.


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